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Houston lofts are ever changing and constantly developing. In recent years, there has been a flood of new construction and renovation.

The center of lofts in Houston begins in downtown where renovated residential space occupies what were once thriving factories and commercial buildings. Houston real estate developers have revitalized downtown lofts with exquisite and innovative styles.

The loft market does not end in the downtown area however. “Soft” lofts in Houston have spread as far as the Galleria area where spaces are as trendy and prevalent as their downtown counterparts. Houston has truly embraced this new innovation in living.

What should one expect when renting one of these popular spaces? The answer is not as simple as you may think. Some Houston lofts are designed with a more traditional feel and bear open duct work, brick accent walls, concrete flooring, etc. These restored buildings are referred to as “hard” because of the space was restored or renovated from warehouse, office, or industrial space. Other units in Houston are lofts in the more literal sense where a loft actually exists above a kitchen in a flat style apartment. Lofts in Houston are often a term of art rather than a science.

Loft living is not only for the young urban dweller. Houstonians of all ages are finding that experience to be amenable to their life styles.

Living in lofts in Houston is not about occupying the cramped corner of a dilapidated building. Residential spaces are augmented by the most luxurious apartment living that Houston has to offer. Houston lofts offer state-of-the art fitness facilities, resort style pools, swanky club rooms and much much more. More and more people in Houston are finding lofts to be exactly what they are looking for. Often, these buildings provide the convenient location for which so many renters search while providing the luxury that should go with any urban apartments.